01. Regards all administrators, game masters and members of the management. Any act of contempt for the administration, regardless of the environment, leads to punishment.

02. It is forbidden to impersonate any member of the administration.

03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other server are prohibited in any game chat or other related media.

04. It is forbidden to use programs that interact with BOI, use or take advantage of any problems found in the game, on the forum or on the website, which will benefit you in relation to other players. If the player finds an error (problem / error) in the game, the forum or site should immediately inform the administration.

05. Never ask for levels, items, ingame currency, teleport or any benefit for any member of the administration, because you will not get an answer.

06. Your account is not transferable, which means that you are responsible for your own security in the game. Never share your password with anyone else, including the administration. Verify that the computer is being used to safely use it. Never run extra interactivity programs with BOI that were not provided by the manual, as they may contain viruses and keyloggers, which will lead to the theft of your accounts and / or items. Administration is not responsible for theft, drop or destruction of objects. The administration guarantees complete integrity and security of the server, and therefore can not crack the intrusion to steal items or accounts directly on the server, site or forum, in other words, any type of theft is caused by the negligence or misuse of users.

07. All user data (its accuracy and service) are the sole responsibility of the user. Take care of your data and save an active email account to recover the password if you forget it. Administration is not responsible for lost, deleted, deleted or canceled data for any reason.

08. It is forbidden to insult other players with obscene, derogatory and insulting names, pornographic crimes, racist and others in Global Chat and any other media provided by our team. In game chats, the command / block is used in order not to read unnecessary messages. Use the world-chat with wisdom, because it includes reading the entire server. It is also forbidden to use any chat room to incite or manipulate players by the server against the administration.

09. Players who are accused without evidence will be severely punished. The administration will not allow bad players to tarnish the image of the server, because they are bad losers.

10. Any actions in the game that the administration considers to be anti-gambling (actions deemed inappropriate or bad) also result in fines, such as: deliberate defeat at the Great Olympiad to point the glasses to another character; To violate or attempt in any way to deceive automatic events or to take control; Try to deceive other players offering fake items.

11. Twins/Alts (playing in multiple accounts) - not encouraged. Only one additional account is allowed. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the deletion of all other accounts!

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