New Year event! (2018-12-20)

Hello! =)



So, the festive event of the ending year consists of two parts.


First part:

Watch out for polar bears (good and bad):

A good one will give out presents every 4 hours in Atlantis (149,180)

Bad - will appear in the same place, but at odd hours, as he likes to pretend to be kind, then quickly kill him will not work!

It all starts at 12.00 every day!


The second part  (20.12.2018 - 20.01.2019):

Нажми что бы увеличить


During the passage of the dungeons you will receive special boxes, opening which you can get "Snowball"

Use snowballs to get event points and prizes.



Cavern of Trials

Fallen darkness

Shadow Manor

Dragon Island

World tree garden

Fae Shrine

Golden Coast

Knights jail

Giza Piramyd

Lava Heights

Dragon emperor crypt

Pit of reckoning 



Lord Boreas

Silverwings Bigmoss (Titan Estate)

Robot Giant Gunk-LV125 (Giant Kingdom West)

Headcrusher Basaka (Pantheon)

Dark Tortoise LV125 (Obsidian Turtle Pool)

White Tiger LV125 (White Tiger Island)

Emerald Dragon LV125 (Emerald Dragon Island)

Scarlet Phoenix LV125 (Killing Grounds)

Ancient Black Dragon Moser LV125 (Dragon Lair Level 2)

Flamedragon Fenrir-LV120 (Dragon Lair Level 1)

Nether Warbane (Ancient Beast Island)

Nether Archpriest (Ancient Beast Island)

Abyss - Dysteri (The Last Bastion)

Death Knight - Dyse (Infernal Depths)

Nexus of Hunger (Sunken Atlantis)

Nether Caesar Vanguard (Twilight Battlefield)

Aeacus (Hades' Temple)

True Dragon Emperor (Emperor's Catacomb Level 3)

Ashura King Tanno (Temple of the Damned LV4)

Achinoth the Giant (Soulbound Cave level 3) 

Prince Gorro


For those who have little time, it is possible to increase the number of snowballs obtained by purchasing a  "Platinum Emblem

Which allows you to get 3 times more snowballs!


And also, at the time of the event x19 experience rating!


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas !!!