Inferno - it's a free PvP server author assembly, based on freely distributed emulator authors Perfect World©.

Many players have already met in combat with hordes of demons.

Now it's your turn to join the crusade against evil and fight the enemies of the mortal world. Be on the lookout! It is approaching something terrible.
Destroy the demons plans

Destroy all monsters in five acts, or explore the world in PvP mode. Defeat an ancient evil that lurks in the mortal world.
Performing a heroic feats

You - one of the last defenders of humanity: bersekov, champions, murderers, sorcerers, healers and Summoner.
You have to develop your character, mastering the powerful new abilities and extracting the legendary trophy.
Dynamic configuration of the battlefield

Destroy the evil minions you will be on the three-dimensional maps are generated randomly. You will perform tasks in new areas and get a unique production.

Friends and Allies

You can play alone or join the guild.

Server rules