Beginners pack

Hello! =)


Today we added a beginners pack to the game!


It includes:

  - Exp...

Some fixes

Hello! =)

Corrections for today:
- Added drop to mobs in the Nordic Lands map which you can sell and get silver;

Have a nice game! ;)

Starword book!
Hello =)

Many asked: where to get the starwords?

So, introduced a new item - Starwords book!

It contains one random character from all available in the game.

You can get it with a small chance...
New patch - EX45 Gears!
Hello =)

Many asked when the new gears will be released, so it came out - EX-45 lvl ;)

1. In this regard, discounts for Donatation 30-50% until next Friday

2. For those who need a direct link to the update:

Hello! 8-)

Administration of the project congratulates everyone on Halloween!
(10.29.2018 - 4.11.2018)

- experience x13
- Donation discounts up to 50%!
- costume + wings hallowe...
Server 5 years!

Hello friends =)

Today we are 5 years old!

In connection with this event, for the next 7 days we do:

- Rates to experience / drop x15
- Free ZEN 500 per day
- Discount...
Solo instances
Hello everyone =)

Changes for today:
1. Login on any channel and the ability to enter a solo in the following instances:
- Dragon Island
- Fallen Darkness
- Trial for the Brave

2. Unlimited visit to Dragon Island having the item Chrono hourglass
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